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BEACON high-level conference in Warsaw

Jerina Hoxha


Realigning priorities and enhancing collaborations for safer, more effective cancer therapies

This 16th and 17th of May, Warsaw hosted the BEACON project’s high-level conference, titled 'Mobilising Collaboration among Stakeholders to Optimise the Growing Potential of Data for Tackling Cancer'. Dr. Ulrike Weirauch was present at the event as a representative of the CERTAINTY consortium. Dr. Carmen Sanges, also a member of the CERTAINTY team, delivered a presentation on May 16th during Plenary Session II, which focused on Public & Private Sector Collaborations. Representing the T2EVOLVE consortium, she wove insights from CERTAINTY into her presentation. During the discussion, Dr. Sanges provided a detailed overview of T2EVOLVE, proposed strategies for the EU to incentivise such frameworks at national and regional levels, and presented a comprehensive analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the sector.

The conference is a key component of the EU-funded Cancer Care Beacon project, which is focused on developing a comprehensive roadmap to expand the capabilities of cancer centres across Europe, enhancing access to and diagnostics of cancer care. Its goal was to recalibrate priorities to better address patient and healthcare system needs, fostering greater cooperation between regulatory bodies and payer groups. Participants included prominent stakeholders from public health, European Commission representatives, Members of the European Parliament, patient organisations, and entities involved in Personalised Medicine.

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