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CERTAINTY participates in the first ecosystem meeting for VHT development

Jerina Hoxha


Our coordinator represented CERTAINTY at the first VHT ecosystem meeting at Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The coordinator of the CERTAINTY project, Dr. Kristin Reiche, participated in the pivotal first ecosystem meeting to build the VHT held on 18-19 January at the esteemed Institut Polytechnique Paris. This landmark meeting, a cornerstone event in the realm of Virtual Human Twins (VHT), brought together key players and innovators from diverse sectors to collaborate and lay the groundwork for the VHT, an initiative poised to revolutionise personalised healthcare.

The agenda comprised several plenary sessions and fourteen parallel breakout sessions, each focusing on EDITH's key themes, facilitating in-depth exploration of various critical aspects essential for the VHT's realisation. Topics deliberated during these parallel sessions spanned from resource integration, ethics, and data generation to business models, platform processes and services, usability, and standards for digital twins. Additionally, clinical engagement, infrastructures and networks, contributions to VHT resources through new use cases, artificial intelligence, incentivisation, ecosystem economic preconditions, and social trust were extensively examined.

The CERTAINTY project's presence underscored its commitment to contributing to this groundbreaking endeavour, aligning its objectives with the broader goals of the VHT ecosystem.

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